Once a civilization was stable but divided into 500 small separate worlds, each with its own story. A massive and mysterious cataclysm tore the worlds apart scattering and mixing the stories. You will enter this new and exciting world. Discover what exactly happened and who you are by putting the pieces of the stories back together. The smallest pieces are falling back first. It feels like an epic movie story, and the ending is not yet written...

NEARLOOT are NFT cards and contain all the items that you need to complete missions. Build your character, reinforce him with items and skills and enjoy building the storylines. The best storytellers will come out on top during in-game events. (four gamefi events planned for Spring/Summer 2022) Players can buy or win NEARLOOT. Certain combinations of NEARLOOT cards give you access to claim ownership of NPC characters. Airdrops for early adopters and NFT minting begins 22/2/22. Be ready this time!

500 Seasons Metaverse was developed by members of the Decentral Immersive Alliance, working on the standardization of avatars and cross-metaverse solutions. In addition to developers, the creative team includes specialists from many areas of the gaming and film industries. 500 Seasons is designed with AI solutions from ex-Yandex team and the University of Stuttgart. The creative department also worked with Romeo Castelucci and Robert Wilson Company.


10% NEARLOOT minted

Mystic Boost (3k anthropological mystic loots)

2/3 goes airdropped to community, 1/3 goes to market

15% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons partnership announcement 1

20% NEARLOOT minted

Mecha Boost (walking steel adventure)

2/3 goes airdropped to community, 1/3 goes to market

25% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons partnership announcement 2

30% NEARLOOT minted

Murziki Avatars airdrop for NearLoot holders, to support community in multi-chain Metaverse interactions.

35% NEARLOOT minted

AdoreNarratore DAO Event

40% NEARLOOT minted

Murziki Golem Game launch

From now on you can play your Nearloot and earn your Nearloot

45% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons Estate launch

50% NEARLOOT minted

*Etherium Loot community Wellcome on NEAR Metaverse

*Opera with award-winning director and avatar-celebrities production shooting starts

55% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons ShadowGenre 1+2 loot boost

Community airdrop 2/3 +1/3

60% NEARLOOT minted

Movers Transport boost (Multimetaverse movers for your Avatar)

2/3 community airdropped to community, 1/3 market

65% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons ShadowGenre 3+4 loot boost

Community airdrop 2/3 +1/3

70% NEARLOOT minted

GPT-3 Gaming event

75% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons ShadowGenre 5+6 loot boost

Community airdrop 2/3 +1/3

80% NEARLOOT minted

Gaming event «number Three»

85% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons ShadowGenre 7+8 loot boost

Community airdrop 2/3 +1/3

90% NEARLOOT minted

*Talisman drop

*Adopt your loot piece

*Adopt your transport piece

95% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons ShadowGenre 9 loot boost

Community airdrop 2/3 +1/3

100% NEARLOOT minted

500Seasons Ai Agent P.E.T. Program launch

Cross-metaverse exobody for avatars drop launch

NEARLORE launch Airdrop and boost event

30% NEARLORE minted

500Seasons NPC claiming programm starts

50% NEARLORE minted

500Seasons partnership with Machina

60% NEARLORE minted

DAO takes full Goverment

80% NEARLORE minted

New cards-generation lock

500Seasons LANDS claiming programm starts

100% NEARLORE minted

Metaverse Holy Render starts




As a project manager he is the one who brings fragmented pieces of ideas together. Holds all 500 seasons in his head like a damn machine. Possibly alien but you’ll never tell.



Community manager Sphynx of Socials and Dragon of Discord. Tell them your story or be ready to lose your head.



Master of Twitter, Goddes of Conciseness. Speaks with 140 symbols phrases in real-life. Your main source of information about 500seasons if you are able to decrypt a book from a letter.



AI guy detected to 500seasons from Russian IT-giant. Always wanted to make robots but ended up making whole worlds. Any part of metaverse is built by what he’s built.



Screenwriter of brothers and sisters Wachowski. Escaped from Los Angeles into 500seasons to make metaverse touchable and touching.



Parent and source of inspiration, expert on everything possible. Tech educated, finished Hamburg Fine Arts Academy and went to AD school immideatly. Worked with Robert Wilson team and with Takashi Murakami. Pretty sure we gonna live happily in noosphere quite soon. Loves storytelling as a crayze.



Storyteller. Holds the threads, defines the way the fable turns. The only person to know the future, but sworn to secrecy on smart contract.



Collective consciousness from Stuttgart Ai Lab, the Benz-city. Trains machines to act like humans, teaches humans to think like machines. Makes stuff for government. Power behind the throne.



Lord of the ads. The most wanted adman consulting crypto projects. Loots your attention casually and never gives back. Winner of Cannes Lions. Worked with Nike and any other cool brand you can remember.



Expert in philosophy, politics and digital marketing which are surprisingly not the same things. Came to WEB3 to contribute for the better future. Came to 500 seasons to make sure the rest of the team wouldn’t eat each other alive.